Is Cannabis Legal in Australia?

In Australia, Medical Cannabis has been legal since 2016. Medical Cannabis is a scheduled medicine. Please refer to the Therapeutic Goods Administration website for further information

How do I take medicinal cannabis?

There are many different forms of medicinal cannabis, which have different routes of administration. Medical Cannabis can be in the form of an oil, softgel, tablet, capsule or dried flower.

How do I get a product?

Click the “Take control” button and submit your details, and a member of our clinical team will make contact to assist you through the easy process.

Do DVA subsidise this treatment?

DVA may subsidise this treatment for specific conditions if you are on a Gold Card. You can find out more by clicking the “Take Control” button and submitting your details, so we can contact you with more information tailored to your personal needs.

Am I able to drive or operate machinery while taking medical cannabis

Patients should not drive or operate machinery while being treated with medicinal cannabis because measurable concentrations of THC can be detected many days after the last dose. It may take up to five days for 80 to 90 per cent of the dose to be excreted.

Drug-driving is a criminal offence, and patients should discuss the implications for safe and legal driving with their doctor. It may be necessary for the patient to use other means of transport until regulations change over time. Always carry a copy of your TGA Approval with you when driving.

Will I get high?

THC, the cannabinoid most commonly associated with cannabis, is responsible for the “high” often experienced when taking medical cannabis. Research has connected THC to the immune system regulating, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties of medical cannabis. There are many different forms of medicinal cannabis, as well as methods of delivery which may have differing levels of THC. Therefore, depending on what form of medicinal cannabis you are prescribed, the effects may vary.